Seattle Hotel Association Issues Statement After Seattle City Council Vote on Hotel Worker Legislation

                          Contact:  Jacque Coe, APR



Seattle Hotel Association Issues Statement 
of Disappointment and Frustration After 
City Council Passage of Hotel Worker Legislation


‘For the past twelve weeks, Seattle’s hotel industry has been offering solutions, data, tours of hotel operations as well as input and feedback to councilmembers to address the problems in this legislation. Our goal has been to support health and safety protections for employees, while maintaining viable business operations to ensure hotels, their employees and the city of Seattle all thrive. Despite all these efforts, little of our input was incorporated by councilmembers in this legislation, which will have adverse impacts to small business and non-hotel employers.

This legislation is the latest example of overreach by the City Council to squeeze business without regards to the impact. Just like the Head Tax, the Council is passing legislation without understanding, or caring, who it may adversely affect. It burdens small business and non-hotel employers like coffee shops, parking garages, and restaurants. Who’s next?’

Read the four parts of legislation:

CB 119555 Improving Access to Medical Care For Hotel Employees
CB 119554 Protecting Hotel Employees From Injury
CB 119556 Hotel Employees Job Retention
CB 119557 Protecting Employees From Violent or Harassing Conduct
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