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July 18, 2016

Seattle restaurant workers are highly satisfied at work; new scheduling policies are not their priority

SEATTLE – The majority of the Seattle restaurant workforce is highly satisfied at work and prefers tweaks to existing policies over any major changes that aren’t needed, including scheduling changes, according to a June survey.

The survey gauged the opinions of more than 700 Seattle restaurant employees. It was administered by EnviroIssues, a Seattle community outreach organization, and was led by the Seattle Restaurant Alliance.

The survey was conducted to ask broad questions about the restaurant industry in Seattle to learn how members can make the lives of their employees better. Questions pertained to hours, salary, scheduling, likes and dislikes.

For the survey methodology and facts, click here. For more results, click here.

The city of Seattle is considering legislating how restaurants can schedule employees with a new law expected to be approved this September. It hired Vigdor Measurement and Evaluation to collect survey data this spring to inform the city’s policy.

“The best way to understand what our employees want is to ask them directly,” said Jasmine Donovan, VP at Dick’s Drive-In Restaurants and board member of the Seattle Restaurant Alliance. “We asked broad questions with the goal of using the survey results to help Seattle Restaurant Alliance members understand the best investments they can make to enhance the lives of their employees.”

Survey findings show 86 percent of Seattle restaurant workers are proud to work in the industry. Seventy-six percent work the number of hours they want and 89 percent agree they can talk to their manager and give input about their work environment, number of hours and scheduling needs.

Three out of four workers want employers, not government, to design and implement changes that impact them. And, above everything else, workers within certain demographics said access to benefits and higher wages were a higher priority – not scheduling.

“This survey presents an opportunity to share some really good pieces about positive employer-employee relationships in Seattle,” said Rich Fox, operating owner of Poquitos, Rhein Haus and Macleod’s Scottish Pub and president of the Seattle Restaurant Alliance. “Many of us are former restaurant employees. We’re pleased to see data showing the majority of our employees feel valued and believe they have access to the hours, flexibility and schedules they need. That being said, our goal is 100 percent satisfaction. We are constantly working to improve the lives of our employees and these results give us specific areas where we can improve. Our work to make those improvements continues with employee-driven focus.”


About the Seattle Restaurant Alliance
The Seattle Restaurant Alliance is a voice for Seattle Restaurants. Its mission is to develop an active network of restaurant owners, operators and managers focused on the issues that impact the Seattle restaurant community. It strives to be a resource to fellow restaurateurs and of value to the community, create a healthy and sustainable business environment, operate responsibility and ethically and help employees and the community prosper.

About EnviroIssues
Founded in 1990, EnviroIssues is comprised of experts in community outreach, public involvement planning, communications strategy, web design and development and graphic design. EnviroIssues is a certified Disadvantaged Business Enterprise and a Women’s Business Enterprise with offices across the Pacific Northwest in Seattle, Tacoma, Portland, Richland and Boise.

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