New parking rates in Seattle are going into effect on Monday. Here’s the latest information we received from the Seattle Department of Transportation:

On Monday, July 11, the next set of rate adjustments to Seattle’s on-street paid parking will take effect. This adjustment is part of our regular process to help ensure enough parking spots are available, based on the latest parking usage data and seasonal trends. We announced earlier in the year that we are planning to make rate updates three times per year, in the spring, summer, and fall.

Overall, rates remain low at most locations, with $0.50/hour and $1.50/hour as the most common rates in the morning and afternoon, with about 60% of all locations and times remaining below $2.00/hour. In total, 48 adjustments are being made at various times of day, across 27 different paid parking areas. Most of these adjustments are in the afternoon and evening. For example, we are decreasing rates in the downtown commercial core retail zone in the mornings to $0.50/hour and increasing rates in parts of Denny Triangle to $4.00/hour, based on very high demand there during the day.

Over the past several months, traffic volumes and parking demand have increased. Based on the latest data, this summer’s rates generally include more rate increases than earlier this year and during the pandemic. A detailed table of the new rates (effective as of Monday, July 11) is attached.

Overall, SDOT is committed to City policy in the Seattle Municipal Code to use data to set parking rates to ensure that 1 or 2 parking spaces are available on each block throughout the day.