Primary Election 2017: Seattle Races

The Seattle restaurant and hotel political arm, Seattle Hospitality for Progress, endorsed Jenny Durkan for mayor and Sara Nelson for city council position 8 in the Primary Election. On Aug. 1, Durkan earned enough votes to head onto the November General Election. Some races are very close and Nelson may not advance in the primary.

Primary Election Results (As of 10:45 a.m. on Aug. 2, 2017)
Mayor – Jenny Durkan: 27,579 votes (23.13%); Cary Moon: 13,583 votes (15.56%)
City Council Position 8 – Teresa Mosqueda: 24,907 votes (30.8%); Jon Grant: 19,640 votes (24.29%); Sara Nelson: 18,704 votes (23.13%)
City Council Position 9 – Lorena Gonzalez: 49,591 votes (61.39%); Pat Murakami: 16,019 votes (19.83%)

Ballots will continue to be counted for several days. The election is expected to be certified on Aug. 15.

Voters can visit the county’s website to confirm their ballots were accepted.

For more information, email Jillian Henze.


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