The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) is targeting March 28 for rate adjustments for on-street parking. SDOT is committed to adjusting street parking rates so that one to two spaces are open on each block throughout the day. This is consistent with the guidance in the Seattle Municipal Code that the department has followed to adjust rates since 2011.

SDOT’s target parking occupancy range is 70%-85%. There will be a rate decrease when occupancy is below 70%. There will be a rate increase when occupancy is over 85%. Rates will increase by $0.50/hour or $1.00/hour in about one-third of areas based on the January data. Five areas will see a decrease during certain times of day. Many areas will continue to see rates of $0.50/hour at some point in the day.

After these March 28 adjustments, the highest hourly rate will be $3.00/hour — well below the pre-pandemic rate of $5.00/hour maximum.

Photo Credit: SDOT Flickr