The Hotel Employee Protection Toolkit

In the fall of 2019, the Seattle City Council passed a package of four ordinances
related to hotels.  The Hotel Employee
Protection Ordinances are four Seattle Municipal Codes (SMC) relating to:SMC14.26 Protecting Employees From Violent or Harassing Conduct

SMC 14.27 Protecting Hotel Employees From Injury

SMC 14.28 Increasing Access to Medical Care For Hotel Employees

SMC 14.29 Hotel Employee Job Retention

Additionally, final rules from the Office of Labor Standards can be found below to add
specificity and clarification.

Compliance with Seattle laws and municipal codes is the responsibility of each individual business owner and operator. The following toolkit and material is intended only to provide general information and should not be viewed as legal advice.

We’ve developed the toolkit with FAQs, checklists, definitions and more to help you comply.

Download the toolkit here (PDF, 1.94 MB).

Find Final Rules here.

Several webinars covering the ordinances have been recorded for your reference

Webinar: Panic Buttons, Room Cleaning and Square Footage Requirements

Webinar: Access to Medical Care and Job Retention

We’re here to help.

Seattle Hotel Association Team

John Lane

John Lane

Director of Local Government Affairs

Austin Miller

Austin Miller

Senior Manager of Local Government Affairs

Skylar Schmitt

Skylar Schmitt

Local Government Affairs Assistant Coordinator

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